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The Importance of Lomi Lomi Massage and Where to Learn about It

Lomi lomi is a kind of massage therapy that originated from the culture of Hawaii. Healers called kahunas performed this massage therapy with the use of herbs, purifying, salts, and prayers. Family members were often taught with this therapy that they had passed from their generations to the next. To keep the body of the masseur in sync with that of his or her client, a hula dance is sometimes the accompaniment of this massage.

With the use of the elbows, knuckles, palms, forearms and sometimes knees and feet, the masseuse will perform the therapy. The usual procedure of the practitioners would usually use both hands together on the various parts of the body of the client, and together with another masseur, they could perform a four hand massage type. With the reminiscent of the art of dance, the strokes of lomi lomi are fluid and broad.

Both physical and emotional effects are said to be the results that this massage would bring to the client. It is further claimed that this technique cancels the negative effects brought about by stress on the body, aids in healing our muscles and tissues, and works on the spiritual level of the body, on the basis that love is the source of our well-being.

Know that there is an important key element that differ lomi lomi from that of other massage techniques. It is on the intuitive level that this massage is said to work, and this is because love is sent from one person to another by way of hands working on the body. The body of the customer is said to receive freely the healing powers of kahuna because there is a sense of care that the masseuse is transmitting that the body trusts.

The design of this massage therapy revolves around the alignment of the body and mental purification, inner peace and energy movement. Because of this, the body is being reinvigorated and harmony with its surroundings and other people restored. Thus, lomi lomi not only gives a physical experience, but it also pave the way to heal the mental, emotional and spiritual levels of the person.

If you are interested to know where are the best lomi lomi massage training in Hawaii, there are many of them and you just have to find out which faculty stands out the best. By looking at the faculty, you will have the opportunity to learn excellence in the practice since the faculty has the skilled professionals that exemplify excellence, coupled with the dynamic learning environment.

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